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Racing Schools

Performance driving schools can be fun, challenging and a great learning experience. Here you can find the performance schools you are looking for, whether bikes, drag racing, Nascar, road racing or other specialty schools. We were able to attend a class at Frank Hawley's drag race school, you can find them below along with a review on the school.


Bob Bondurant - road racing, grand prix, kart racing, defensive, and anti-kidnapping exec driving

Blue Thunder - Nitro funny car crew team school

Buck Baker - Winston Cup racing school

Cory Kruseman - Sprint car and midget driving school

Dirt Fish - Rally car school

Drive on Dirt - Dirt track racing school

Driving 101 - Formula racing school

Elite Autosport - GT road racing school

Frank Hawley's - Drag racing school

Doug Foley - Drag racing school

Jim Russell - Open wheel formula, performance driving, and highway survival driving

Jimmy Sitton Outlaw Driving School - School of Open Wheel Racing

Jarrett Favre - Nascar driving school

Powell Motorsport - High performance driving school, and skill driving

Racing Adventures - Oval and sportscar programs

Roy Hill's - Drag racing school

Skip Barber - Open wheel Indy style school

Track Time - Stock car school, autocross school, performance school and formula 3 school

Team O'Neil - Rally racing and slippery surface driving school

Summer's Speed Thrills - Join the Bonneville 200mph club through this school, Ontario, CA 91762, (714)-986-5986.



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