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Raw Horsepower Apparel

What better people to give the first hoodies available to other than Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani and Kenny Aronoff of Chickenfoot.

Chickenfoot with Robert Nimocks and Renee Nimocks of Raw Horsepower

What a pleasure to meet my long time favorite singer Sammy Hagar from his start with Montrose and early solo career whos music as always graced my vehicles. I was excited Sammy pointed out the skull logo on my shirt to Mike as they had hoodies delivered to their dressing room earlier.

Mad Mike Anthony one of the best bassists and definite hot rod guy. Mike was the one who put the fun in Van Halen with his Jack Daniels and wild antics he would always entertain. Mike's drink developed into his signature bass with two pockets hiding miniatures of them. Mike has showed his love of cars and I would love to see his car collection and gather some pictures to share here.

Joe Satriani is the quiet one of the bunch but an extremely talented guitarist. I have been listening to Joe since "Surfing with the Alien" came out and follow along his career even catching him in the Hendrix Experience tour. Joe is what I believe to be about the best guitarist out there, very refined and developed music style, he adds speed and creativity for a complete package.

Kenny was very polite and fun and great drummer that night! As many Chickenfoot fans wonder who was this new drummer filling in for Chad Smith. (Chad Smith is currently touring with his regular band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and looks amazingly like Will Ferrell). Kenny was playing the drums with skill and fierce energy and great to watch. Looking up his bio and all the artists he has played with I realized I've seen him play before.

Thanks Chickenfoot for putting on a great show and getting back to your roots. Hope you like the hoodies guys.

RAW HORSEPOWER® "Blown Skull" Hoodie

Raw Horsepower Hoodie

Embroidered "Blown Skull"© logo over 18000 stitches

Heavyblend with light fleese lining

50% cotton 50% polyester blend preshrunk

(XL size shown on 5'11" model)


$ 32.99


$ 32.99


$ 32.99


$ 32.99


$ 35.99



Raw Horsepower T-Shirt

Raw Horsepowet T-shirt


Raw Horsepower embroidered shirt

Raw Horsepower embroidered shirt



Raw Horsepower embroidered shirt  
Raw Horsepower embroidered shirt  
Raw Horsepower embroidered shirt  








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