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Red Rocker Announces Speedkore's Demon

by Robert Placencia 11/9/2018

Sammy Hagar shows off Speedcore's carbon fiber body Dodge Demon at SEMA 2017 - Raw Horsepower

What better way to announce a wild-red high horsepower vehicle than the Red Rocker himself, Sammy Hagar. Speedkore brought the rocker who has an undeniable passion for performance vehicles to help unveil their modified Dodge Demon. The reveal occurred during the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the premier automotive trade show. Speedkore covered the technology and build of the vehicle in detail opening up to questions at the end. Sammy Hagar went over the vehicle asking specifics and adding his colorful commentary. Always a showman, he entertained the crowd broke out his Santo Mezcal and had time to meet with a few of his hardcore fans.

Speedkore carbon fiber bodied Dodge Demon SEMA 2017 - Raw Horsepower

Starting life as a drag race specific car since the Demon has no backseat or passenger seat to save weight with 840 hp you would think it was good enough. Speedkore who showcased carbon fiber body parts last year decided a carbon fiber body Demon could shave off more weight with some incredible looks. Painted in a paint-ripping red over carbon fiber it looks amazingly fast while sitting in the display booth. Not cheap by any means at $70K including installation onto your Demon, they know how to showcase their amazing craftsmanship. They also have a collection for SRT Hellcat and Ford Mustang GT350 in carbon fiber. See more at Speedkore

Uplifting Experience with Pro Eagle

by Robert Placencia 11/16/2017

Off roading has its unique challenges but replacing a flat tire shouldn’t be one of them. Utilizing a jack in soft terrain has been a challenge by many who have tried aids from planks of wood, rocks or whatever they gather to achieve full lift height. Manufacturers have created extended lift jacks with larger foot pads and others have installed skid plates to floor jacks. While the high lift jacks have a long range, they can only be utilized on the outer vehicle edges. Our preferred option is the skid plate floor jack which allows lifting under the vehicle aiding repair of suspension requiring movement of underside components. While the skid plate jacks are effective the use requires tossing in under the vehicle followed by plowing through the ground to reach your desired position.

Pro Eagle off road jack Raw Horsepower

Pro Eagle comes to the aid with the big wheel skid plate jack. Utilizing high impact plastic wheels allows the jack to easily be pulled and maneuvered into position with little effort. While the wheels can sink into soft terrain allowing the jack to rest on its skid plate, the wheels themselves are capable of supporting the weight on harder ground. The big wheel jacks are available in 2 and 3 ton models. Pro Eagle offers adjustable risers to lift the pad for extended reach locations. Check out their products at Pro Eagle

Full Racing Experience to You

by Robert Nimocks 11/16/2017

SEMA has such a wide coverage of products besides goodies to customize your vehicle from garage signs to complete racing simulators. On the extreme side we found CXC Simulators who creates one of the most realistic and cost-effective racing simulators available.

CXC Simulators at SEMA 2017

CXC lined up a group together able to race head to head or individually at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas. Their low mass motion system employs multiple feedback systems for steering, braking, seat belt tensioner and other feedback transducers. Encompassing this is its 1500W Dolby 5.1 surround sound and wrap-around 1080p video creates a realistic professional racing experience and training tool.

CXC motion pro

The Motion Pro II lets you race on most tracks throughout the world in almost any type of car. Optional quick-change steering wheels can change from GT, open wheel, Kart or Vintage racing. While the system comes equipped with paddle shifters there are optional gated shifters as well as sequential shifters depending on your desires. The standard system offers overs 60 degrees of viewing from a single screen or upgrade to the optional three screen 180 degrees of view. The CXC Motion Pro II has been utilized by many winning race drivers who praise its ability to work the same core muscles while providing the same eye-hand coordination required to skillfully race various tracks.
The attention to detail is evident in its mechanics as well as its realistic high motion video. This must be experienced to believe, it's no video game, it's an honest professional training simulator. We would love to have one of these sitting at home.
Wish you could have that flight simulator too, in a couple minutes you can transform the Motion Pro II into a flight simulator by adding their flight compact controls. You have the ability to fly fighter jets, private planes and commercial airplanes over incredible scenery.  More at CXC Simulations…

DSR1 from Rockford Fosgate

by Robert Nimocks 11/15/2017

Rockford’s answer to factory integration for Ford and Mopar owners is the DSR1. Many vehicles are running a full range flat audio signal from the factory head unit that cannot be routed directly through aftermarket amps and speakers. While changing the radio/media unit may be an option, some consumers prefer to retain their factory unit utilizing navigation, steering wheel controls and voice commands. Before the DSR1 came along, the only option was an expensive array of sound processors such as JL audio cleansweep and summing device, then add a good processor like the Mosconi 6to8 followed by an expert to tune, balance and set delays for the speakers to center the sound.

Rockford Fosgate DSR1 upgrade factory sound

Rockford Fosgate worked with ADS iDataLink, the company responsible for most plug play wire harness and aftermarket automotive electronics. The DSR1 combines their great performing 3Sixty digital signal processor with DAS integration. The unit can utilize high or low signals and can be loaded vehicle specific firmware allowing you to maintain your factory system and controls. Having personally used the iDatalink Maestro for my own vehicle installs I can verify the ease of uploading the latest firmware for my vehicle with ease. Another great feature of this all in one device is the tuning software available as an app for Apple and Android devices. No longer must you spend time with a laptop and a skilled tuner to adjust your system saving you time and money for those less skilled in audio. The DSR1 allows up to 10mSec delay on each channel and 245 EQ bands for tuning along with Bluetooth connection and for an affordable list price of $249.99 at the time of writing. The Rockford Fosgate DSR1 received a best product award from SEMA. More information avaible at Rockford Fosgate

INNOV8 Racing

by Robert Placencia 11/16/2017

Innov8 Racing Wheels - Raw Horsepower

Innov8 Racing full forged aluminum wheels are a work of art in person. I know several people running these and they have proven to be tough and beautiful. Being a machinist at heart I can atest to the great millwork on Innov8 wheels and with custom options the colors are almost endless. Available as non-beadlocks, simulated beadlocks and real beadlocks. They are available in 5/6/8 lug patterns prerunner, race vehicle, diesel, chase or crawler with stock lugs and 5/8" race studs. Standard finishes: Options such as billet center caps available for the street and casual prerunner guys as well as enhanced beadlock rings with drain holes. Raw machined, Gold, Black, Red, Blue, Bronze, Grey, and Clear Anodize and they can do custom finishes also.100% made in the USA. Pictures and video at Innov8 Racing

Innov8 Racing Wheels Ramseys LS1 Prerunner - Raw Horsepower

Baja Designs LP9

Baja Designs LP9 11,000 lumen pod auxililiary light

Modern form meets functional heat dispersing design in Baja Designs largest LED pod light. The LB9 utilizes 9 forward facing LEDs producing up to 11,025 lumens at 105w and an additional 6 LEDs for peripheral illumination up to 1,140 lumes per side at 10.5w per side. Available in three versions Sport, Pro and Racer in spot or flood/spot combo depending on your lighting needs. Baja Designs has been called the brightest in the industry by many in the off roading community. They have an entire selection of LED pods, bars and infared lights for your truck, UTV or motorcycle. More at Baja Designs











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