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Raw Horsepower was originally started to develop a website to help people (including ourselves) find websites for our interests in "performance toys". There are some great information websites available, but they only cover one interest or category. Since many of us have several interests, we have created links to the great information websites, along with some of our favorites, friends and partners. We are working hard to become the ultimate online power source to find any part or accessory for any performance, custom and classic motor-powered creation you own.

We wanted to provide quality embroidered apparel which we could never seem to find. We were looking for apparel with good colors and designs which catered to our interests in cars, hot rods, trucks, bikes, racing and performance related sports. The goal is to provide quality designs with good detail and color at attractive prices. We have received excellent feedback from our customers about our products and we are working on designs to cover their interests.

We look forward to providing you with quick, easy to read formats to get you the information you needs without pop-up windows. We intend to keep our categories completely separated for ease of use. Please feel free to contact us with your feedback, we are trying to make this the easiest for all of us to enjoy.


Raw Horsepower Staff

Robert Nimocks - Photographer/Writer/Editor

Mike Hedrick - Photographer

Renee Nimocks - Media Assistant








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