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Raw Horsepower News

Gallery from SEMA Show 2018

We are transitioning to a brand new site, currently under and will be utilized during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas to feature products and vehicles daily. Please mark to follow SEMA starting next week.

Once most of the directories are added, the new site will replace this one. The new site will allow businesses to list their sites in the directory, along with easier navigation and increase content.

SEMA 2018 is almost here

The 2017 SEMA in Las Vegas was the largest attendance in history. We are preparing to expand our coverage more than previous years to showcase more vehicles and products. Let us know what you would like to see. Enjoy our gallery of Photos from 2017 SEMA

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Falken Wildpeak MT

by Robert Nimocks 9/11/2018

Falken Wildpeak MT

Tires are used in our everyday lives but there is no one perfect tire to varying surfaces we encounter. The best tires for one condition cannot complete with the best for another condition whether its wet, dry, performance or dirt. Tires utilized for off-roading have greater demand as they tend to be in unforgiving terrain and sometimes isolated areas. Adventurers want a tire that will keep them planted on the trail and propel themselves from any sandy, muddy or other challenging terrain. Read the entire review with pictures

Don’t Get Stuck with Trac Gabber

by Robert Placencia 3/21/2018

At various driving times we are faced with the dilemma of being overcome by mud, snow or sand when least expected. A new product we discovered at this years SEMA Show in Las Vegas can help rescue you.

Trac Grabber - Raw Horsepower

The team at Trac Grabber have developed a creative solution that can easily be stored in any vehicle. Continue with article

SEMA 2017 Was Largest On Record

by Robert Nimocks 11/5/2017

The 2017 SEMA in Las Vegas was the largest attendance in history. As usual the SEMA Show never disappoints to amaze everyone with its massive collection of automotive related products and services.

SEMA Show 2017 - Covered by Raw Horsepower

Every year I attempt to cover more square footage of the shows overall presence discovering to be all but impossible with amount of interesting displays gathering your attention. This year we added Robert Placencia to the staff and while his first SEMA show was a heavy initiation he covered it well providing photo and product support. We had a great opportunity this year to stop by to spend time with manufacturers and builders getting a different feel for the show. We limited our time to three days to allow time for Robert to get adjusted to the environment. I really got to experience the impact SEMA has while I watched his every action like a child in the largest toy store. Every year I am able to connect with many new people and have developed great relationships. Anyone in this industry who has not yet attended the SEMA show must commit and expand your business. The overwhelming number of products can keep your business in stride with competitors while gaining firsthand knowledge of the products from the manufacturers. There is a vast array of business seminars to keep you focused and excel in the industry. This year we set a new strategy to build our business coverage and have dedicated to cover the 2018 SEMA show everyday gaining full coverage and some of the best exposure. Some of our product spotlights can be viewed at SEMA 2017 Products. While gathering thousands of photos and narrowing down to a little over one thousand we can only showcase a small percentage. View our gallery of Photos from 2017 SEMA

Pictures from Off-Road Expo 2017 - Pomona, CA

SEMA 2017 75 Days Away

by Robert Placencia 8/17/2017

The annual SEMA show in Las Vegas is once again upon us and we are eager to cover the event. This year we have an improved coverage of photos and with the addition of myself to the staff we will be covering more of the technical product offerings from exhibitors. My background is well-versed in the automotive industry with several years of fabrication experience. I have spent many years as a machinist, paint and some body work, welding fabrication, suspension work, drivetrain upgrades and repairs. At SEMA I will be investigating new product offerings to review with double duties in photography with Robert Nimocks to fully cover the greatest automotive aftermarket showcase. This by far will be the best coverage of the SEMA SHOW and one of the largest photo galleries any media has to offer. Send us any questions on product interests and we will address as many as possible at the show.

To aid the anticipation we listed some past coverage from Raw Horsepower in the links below. Please enjoy and stay tuned for more coverage from the event.

SEMA 2006 Photos- Las Vegas, NV

SEMA 2011 Photos- Las Vegas, NV - Written review

SEMA 2012 Photos- Las Vegas, NV

SEMA 2014 Photos - Las Vegas, NV - Video review - Written review

SEMA 2015 Photos - Las Vegas, NV


Icon RXT Suspension for Ford Raptors

by Robert Nimocks & Robert Placencia 7/20/2017

Icon 3.0 RXT suspension for Ford RaptorIcon RXT Ford Raptor suspension install

The Ford Raptor has not only proved a success in the truck market, but has also provided new marketing avenues for aftermarket companies. While a few of these companies may be new, many have been in the game for many years. One such company is Icon Vehicle Dynamics.

Icon is a performance suspension manufacturer based in Riverside California specializing in trucks and SUVs. Led by their head engineer SCORE champion Dylan Evans they continue to develop and innovate new products.

While everyone has different performance necessities, my needs were for improved performance while maintaining daily ride comfort and full use of the factory bed. A great improvement to the Ford Raptor first gen 2010-2014 is the upgrading from 2.5” to 3.0 shocks. Ford realized this when they outfitted the second gen Raptor with 3.0” internal bypass shocks. The major shock companies for high performance 3.0” are Fox, Icon and King. continue reading

New Off Road Shirt Design

Our new shirt design is now available and showcases our desire to fly and our love for playing with toys in the dirt. Available in black and dark heather with full color silkscreen on soft ring spun tees with free shipping!

Baja with Expedition X Offroad

by Robert Nimocks - 5/20/2017

Our experience with Expedition X Offroad on their well organized and supported El Diablos Inferno run through Northern Baja May 2017. Mexicali to San Felipe then up to Mike's Sky Rancho then over to the Old Mill in San Quintin last stop Ensenada.


Icon Alloys from Icon Vehicle Dynamics

by Robert Nimocks - 5/2/2017

Icon Alloys are made from aluminum alloy construction providing strength properties that are well suited for off-road use. Having tested a set of their Shield wheels I can say the stand up to heavy off-roading abuse extremely well. They have reduced unsprung weight and rotating mass improving on and off-road vehicle performance. Changing from Method's wheels I previously used in the same 17x8.5 size, I found the Icon Alloy Shield wheel was almost 5 lbs per wheel lighter, that is a huge difference in rotating mass. The Shield wheel has been engineered to maximize caliper clearance and optimize wheel position for un-hindered suspension travel and steering function. With backspace dimensions developed specifically for Ford, Toyota and Jeep applications. On the Ford Raptor the wheels are hubcentric like factory wheels instead of the usually loose fitting lugcentric, this provides the best strength and perfect centering. The satin finish on these wheels stays clean looking after prolonged unwashing and offroad use, a welcomed blessing over our previous brand that required constant cleaning to retain a decent looking presence. As many of you know, I call it as I see it and I am very impressed with this wheel and have received numerous compliments on their appearance

Icon Alloys Shield Wheel

Icon Alloys has three wheels types available in different finishes and sizes and can be found at Icon Alloys website.

Icon Alloys Alpha wheel gunmetal Icon Alloys Six Speed wheel Icon Alloys Shield wheel satin black

New products from Center Point CNC

by Robert Placencia- 4/21/2017

Center Point CNC GM oil pumps

This is an all new Center Point CnC design (patent pending) of a billet GM small block gerotor wet sump oil pump. Pump will fit in stock pan without having to make any modifications to rear wall. All pumps include a thrust bearing and axle bearings supporting the main shaft. Housings are made with 7050 aluminum and are hard anodized for durability. Pumps can be configured for pan depths from 7-1/4 to 8-1/2 inches in 1/4 inch increments. For deeper pans please contact us. Pumps ship complete with ARP intermediate drive shaft, stud nut & washer. At Center Point CnC we hand build, spin test and set oil pressure on all pumps individually. A professional gerotor pump at a sportsman price. GM oil pumps currently available for drag racing, circle track and boats.

Center Point CNC - Racing oil pumps

With 40 years experience in the racing industry which includes being a member of the Bonneville, El Mirage and Muroc 200 mph clubs. 

Center Point CnC produces 95% of their products in house therefore quality and attention to detail exceeds what many companies do not.  Having the ability to produce and make changes to the customer’s needs is what makes Center Point CnC different from other manufacturers.  My knowledge of the latest trends in motorsports allows me to offer what the customer needs and my ability to produce the best product that Center Point CnC has to offer.

Mash to the Mint 400

by Robert Nimocks - 5/9/2016

We had a great group turn out for the Club Expedition X Offroad Mash 2 the Mint 400. Friday was a showcase of race vehicles and vendor displays across several blocks on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. Saturday morning the group met west of Vegas out near Red Rock area and proceeded to off road to Primm Nevada where the start and finish of the Mint 400 takes place. The Mint 400 and Mad Media set us up with a great VIP experience while Ford gave us sweet trackside parking next to the Raptor trailers. Recap on video page.

Rip 2 the Strip 2

by Robert Nimocks - 3/6/2015


Our first trip with club Expedition X Offroad on the Rip 2 the Strip 2 event was a great success. This is a first rate group of people with everyone helping each other as mishaps happen along the way. Everyone drove within their limits and there were no serious issues making it a great success. While there were some flats, broken exhaust and a small electrical fire on a modded truck, everyone was helped through and made it home.

The trip started at the edge of Victorville California and headed to the West edge of Vegas near the red rock mountain area. The majority of the group stayed at the Hard Rock Casino where we celebrated a great day one of the event. Day two was a return trip starting in Henderson Nevada and following a different route. Recap on Video page.


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