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Raw Horsepower provides information and largest collection of connections to the world of high performance cars, boats, bikes, along with hot rods, classic trucks and cars. High performance parts, racing associations and performance schools can also be found.

Raw Horsepower offers hundreds of car photos and motorcycles photos to download for free personal use. We have tons of car photos from car shows as well as pictures of race cars in action. Check out the photo gallery page to get to all the photos.

Follow the category links above to your favorite high performance hobby. We have a huge directory listing for all your parts, news and info needs.

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New products from Center Point CNC

Center Point CNC GM oil pumps

This is an all new Center Point CnC design (patent pending) of a billet GM small block gerotor wet sump oil pump. Pump will fit in stock pan without having to make any modifications to rear wall. All pumps include a thrust bearing and axle bearings supporting the main shaft. Housings are made with 7050 aluminum and are hard anodized for durability. Pumps can be configured for pan depths from 7-1/4 to 8-1/2 inches in 1/4 inch increments. For deeper pans please contact us. Pumps ship complete with ARP intermediate drive shaft, stud nut & washer. At Center Point CnC we hand build, spin test and set oil pressure on all pumps individually. A professional gerotor pump at a sportsman price. GM oil pumps currently available for drag racing, circle track and boats.

Center Point CNC - Racing oil pumps

With 40 years experience in the racing industry which includes being a member of the Bonneville, El Mirage and Muroc 200 mph clubs. 

Center Point CnC produces 95% of their products in house therefore quality and attention to detail exceeds what many companies do not.  Having the ability to produce and make changes to the customer’s needs is what makes Center Point CnC different from other manufacturers.  My knowledge of the latest trends in motorsports allows me to offer what the customer needs and my ability to produce the best product that Center Point CnC has to offer.

Things to Consider When Hosting a Car Show

A car show is a great way to showcase a brand, raise money for charity, or both. Successful car shows attract huge crowds and grow year on year, but they do require a lot of forward planning. The workload can be broadly split down the middle into promoting and hosting. Unless you promote the event, nobody will come, and unless you do a good job of hosting it, nobody will bother coming back next year.
Promoting an event is now a lot easier thanks to the internet and social media, but organizing the actual event can be more difficult. So what do you need to think about when hosting a car show?

Agree a Budget

Unless a budget is agreed right from the start, costs are likely to spiral out of control pretty quickly. Someone needs to take responsibility for the financial side of things, so nominate at least one individual to manage the budget and make sure the bills are paid.
Work out how many cars you need to cover the cost of hosting the show, and if you are concerned about a low turnout, adjust the budget accordingly.

Choose the Right Venue

Think carefully about how much space you need before deciding on a venue. Scalability is important if you intend to make the show a regular feature. If this is the case, look for a venue that will grow with your event. If this is a business promotional event and you have a large car lot, consider holding the event there, as costs will be lower. Think about the weather, too, as an indoor location might be more suitable.

Organize Insurance and Permits

You will need to organize insurance and relevant permits. Public events must be insured – speak to an insurance broker for clarity on this subject.

Provide Restrooms

Members of the public and vendors will need to have access to restrooms during the event. Portable restrooms can be hired, but do make sure you hire enough facilities. Nobody likes using dirty portable restrooms. Nor do they appreciate queuing up for an hour. Don’t let this become an issue at your event, or people won’t bother returning next year. 

Provide Traffic Control and Parking

Inadequate car parking or traffic control will cause chaos in the surrounding neighborhood. Plan the layout of the event so that parking is in a sensible location and employ attendants to direct traffic at the beginning and end of the event. If you expect VIP guests to show up, it is worth looking at key valet parking from Valet Box.


Good entertainment is essential. Live music, a sound system, kid’s games and rides, and demonstrations that are car-related are all perfect for a car show. If the purpose of the exercise is to raise money, don’t forget to organize a raffle, auctions, and competition prizes.
Lastly, don’t forget to provide plenty of food and drink options for show visitors. The more refreshments vendors you have, the better, particularly on a hot day.


Mash to the Mint 400

We had a great group turn out for the Club Expedition X Offroad Mash 2 the Mint 400. Friday was a showcase of race vehcles and vendor displays across several blocks on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. Saturday morning the group met west of Vegas out near Red Rock area and proceeded to off road to Primm Nevada where the start and finish of the Mint 400 takes place. The Mint 400 and Mad Media set us up with a great VIP experience while Ford gave us sweet trackside parking next to the Raptor trailers. Recap on video page.

Rip 2 the Strip 2


Our first trip with club Expedition X Offroad on the Rip 2 the Strip 2 event was a great success. This is a first rate group of people with everyone helping each other as mishaps happen along the way. Everyone drove within their limits and there were no serious issues making it a great success. While there were some flats, broken exhaust and a small electrical fire on a modded truck, everyone was helped through and made it home.

The trip started at the edge of Victorville California and headed to the West edge of Vegas near the red rock mountain area. The majority of the group stayed at the Hard Rock Casino where we celebrated a great day one of the event. Day two was a return trip starting in Henderson Nevada and follwing a different route. Recap on Video page.


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